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Round Robin League Play


Update Forms are no longer being used. Contact league coordinators to sign up for league play or to input/change play related information. League coordinator information at the bottom of the page.  Disregard the below information on scheduling through the computer system.

The write up below may be of value in identifying information options that are available to be updated by coordinators upon your request. 

This document is divided into sections.  The first section addresses how a member can sign up for an existing round robin league or new leagues as they are created.  The remaining sections address how to update your profile by entering individual dates or a range of dates you are unable to play, changing time of play preferences and updating your original profile.


Signing up for an existing or new league to be scheduled in the future:


1. How do I sign up for a league?

  • First step is to get on the NTC home page ( and click on Scheduled Leagues.  Then click on Sign Up – NTC Tennis. (Click on the word “here”). This brings up the sign up form.
  • Select the round robin in which you wish to play - (currently Monday and Friday morning men’s RR and Woman’s Monday afternoon, Wednesday afternoon and early evening league and a Saturday morning league).
  • Your Initials – are requested to help the program identify your profile if there is an error.
  • Gender, email addresses and phone numbers, provide contact information (Buddy Email address is for those without their own E-mails but have a friend who will pass along the schedules as they are produced).
  • The “doubles twice as needed” and “singles as needed” pull down menus will allow the program to complete court foursomes (e.g., you are playing at 8:30AM but are willing to play at 10:00AM).  This will not happen every week and will be used only if needed).
  • Start Date and Stop Date only need to be entered if you are starting and stopping for the season on dates other than the league’s start and stop time.  You may leave these blank.
  • Make sure you hit the “submit” button after completing the form.

2. How do I indicate the specific dates I am unable to play?

  • On the Newport ‘Scheduled Leagues’ page click on the “Date Un-availability form (click on ‘here’).
  • Enter your Email address and initials.
  • If you have one or two dates you are unable to play, enter those dates in the Date-1 and Date-2 boxes using the mm/dd/yyyy format.
  • Make sure the “Update Option” below the date boxes indicates #DU-Date(s) Unavailable.
  • If you want your profile to indicate more than two unavailable dates then you have to submit this form again to add those additional dates.
  • If your plans change, you can once again change the dates formerly unavailable to now available.  Simply submit the form again and enter the dates in the boxes and click “#DA-make date(s) available”.
  • Remember to hit the “submit button” for all changes.

3. What if I want to change my profile to submit a range of dates I’m unable to play rather than an individual date?

  • You take the same steps described earlier for changing individual dates but this time you enter the start date of the range and the ending date of the “range” in the two date boxes.
  • It’s important then to use the pull down menu below the second date to indicate the dates entered refer to a “range”.  The program will then consider you off in all leagues within that date range.  If you don’t do this it will consider the dates you entered as individual unavailable dates.
  • You can undo the range of unavailable dates if your plans change in the same way described for individual dates this time clicking on the “make the date range available.
  • Remember to check the “submit button” for all changes.

4. What do I do if my schedule changed after the distribution of the new schedule or I just forgot to submit a “not available” form?

  • The league coordinators will not change the schedule or find a substitute for you.  To be included in the next schedule changes need to be filed by Sunday evening.
  • You must find a substitute for that date by looking at the distributed schedule and contacting a player who has been given a ‘bye’ or is listed as a ‘sub’ on the participant list.  Players listed as “off” are not available to sub.
  • Another option could be to contact a player who is listed as playing in the time just before or after you.  Those willing to play twice are indicated with a “+” in front of their name.
  • Make sure you let all the other players in your match know who has agreed to substitute so that they have an up-to-date list of players in the event there is a problem.
  • Along with the schedule, you also receive a NTC participant list with all of the players, their telephone numbers, and Email addresses.
  • The schedule is rolling, adding a week at a time.  The e-mail message you receive indicates which Sunday evening a particular schedule will be generated.  If you submit a not-available date after that date, it won’t be reflected on the schedule.

5. What if I have a time restriction as to when I can play on a specific date (e.g., a doctor appointment that day)?

  • The second section of the Date Unavailability form allows you to select or prohibit a time of play.  This menu allows you to: 1) Indicate you must play at that time on that day; 2) You don’t want to be scheduled at that time that day; 3) You want to remove any previously indicated date/time restrictions.
  • Once again, it is important to enter these restrictions or changes before the schedule is generated since it can’t be changed afterward.  Check the date limit for changes on the Emails you receive.  That indicates when the next week’s schedule will be final.
  • Remember to press the “submit button” for all changes.

6. What if there is a specific time I must play each week or a time I prefer to play?

  • You can indicate these choices on the Time Preference Update form.
  • You specify the day of the week on the Day pull down menu and the specific time you can’t play on the play time pull down menu.
  • You can then indicate the type of time restriction such as “preferred”, “must play” or “never schedule” for the specified day and time.
  • Remember to press the submit button to update system with entered time restriction information.
  • The form will respond acknowledging your submission.  This response will have a link you can click if you want to make a time restriction for another day time combination.

6A. What are the time restrictions that begin with ”Every” all about?  (“Every other week”, “Every third Week”, “Every 4th week”)?

  • There may be play times in a league at which many players would just as soon never play.  For the men’s leagues, these times are 7 AM, 11:30 AM and 1 PM.  If too many people indicate “never play at” for a time, there may not be enough players to schedule good and varied matches for that time.  With a shortage at one time or surplus at another excess byes will result.
  • The “every “ time restrictions are offered to help with this issue.  For example, the Time restriction “Every 3rd week” for 7 am” tells the scheduler not to schedule the player at 7 am for the next 2 weeks after the player does get scheduled at 7 am.  You can make different choices for different days.  For example, you might want a 7:00AM “must play” time for Monday but you may want a “preferred play” time at 8:30AM on Friday.
  • Because most league players prefer the 8:30AM time slot, that time will no longer be included as a “must play time” choice.  You can make it a “preferred time”, but you are not guaranteed to get it.
  • You should also realize that putting 7:00AM as a “must play” time puts you into competition with the others selecting that time.  It could result in more byes if space is limited. You should consider indicating “must play” at 7:00AM only if it is a necessity rather than a convenience.
  • Each submission form will either update only one time restriction or can be used to revise previous selections.
  • If you leave these three boxes with no selection for day and time and “none” for restriction preference, the software will have the maximum ability to create good matches for you.  Each restriction will impact scheduling flexibility.

6B. How do I remove or replace a previously submitted time restriction?

  • The database stores one time restriction for each day/time combination.
  • If you submit “none” as a restriction/preference, you will remove any previously entered time restriction for the day and time specified.
  • When you submit a time preference for a date and time, it will either replace the previously entered time restriction or add the time restriction for the entered date and time.
  • Remember to click on submit if you are entering this form with time preferences.

7. What do I do if after reviewing these explanations I still have trouble figuring out the forms and the entries?

  • Please try to complete the appropriate forms.  If you have problems you can contact the league coordinators for help.
  • The league coordinators are:
    • Men’s leagues – Chris Curwen –; 603-686-9930
    • Women’s leagues – Pat Tivnan –; 802-238-6926


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