Newport Tennis Club


Newport Tennis Club is an equity club, owned and operated by its members. All memberships are individual. To join as an equity member there is a one-time equity fee of $600. The Club also offers a one-year associate membership renewable annually, and the opportunity to experience the Club as a one-time introductory associate for 6 months. Member and Associate privileges are shown below:

  Equity members Associates
Court time Unlimited Unlimited
Hourly Court fees None None
Advance reservations Up to 10 days Up to 10 days
Children play free Yes Yes
Guest privileges Yes Yes
Stockholder Yes No
Voting privileges Yes No

Seasonal residents may apply for Spring/Summer or Summer Associate status, with the same privileges as Associates.


 Type of Membership One-time
Equity Fee
  Annual Fee


$600   $1150

Associate 12-month 

N/A   $1425

Associate Summer
(May 15 - September 15)

N/A   $340

Associate Spring/Summer
(April 1 - August 31)

N/A   $425
Associate one-time
six-month introductory
(trial) membership
N/A   $625

Contact Kim Putnam for more information or click here to download an application.

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